Services and Products

Our Premium Products & Customized Services

LaSalle Oil provides the highest quality products and specialized customer service for Northern Colorado, Wyoming, and beyond.

Oil Products to Propel Your Business

LaSalle Oil champions our clients, providing them the highest caliber automotive, commercial, and industrial oil products. Proudly offering Sinclair, Mag1, and the Amalie suite of products for more than ten years, we’re confident we have the right fit for your engine or hydraulic systems. We also offer an array of other products you can trust.

Fuel Delivery to Sustain Your Operations

Timely and accurate, our fuel delivery service supplies your team with the exact fuel you need, when you need it. Place your fuel order with LaSalle Oil for a prompt delivery. We also offer card lock subscriptions for fleets to fuel up at our stations 24 hours a day. LaSalle Oil sources our fuel from the finest refiners.

Trusted Leaders in the Petroleum Distribution Field

With more than twenty-five years in the petroleum distribution industry and a background in agriculture and oil fields, the LaSalle Oil staff has the knowledge and experience to support your company. Many of our team members have worked with LaSalle Oil for more than ten years, providing excellent customer service and delivering the best petroleum products available.

We’re not the biggest players in the petroleum distribution field by design. LaSalle Oil has steadily and strategically grown over the last several decades, maintaining a corps of loyal customers. We’ve been able to expand our services as the community’s needs have grown to continue our high level of service. Our processes have been tested and refined over the years to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

The LaSalle Oil crew operates like a family. Our drivers, dispatchers, office staff, and sales team are committed to making your LaSalle Oil experience memorable. We cultivate strong relationships with clients through great customer service and attention to detail. We’re skilled professionals, happy to help you find the right oil or fuel for your farm, oil field, ranch, or home.

Our Wide Range of Products and Services Has Your Team Covered

LaSalle Oil proudly partners with some of the most trusted brands in the industry to offer our clients an array of oils or fuel of the highest caliber. We’re dedicated to customer service and build long-lasting relationships to better serve our customers. Reach out to discover the LaSalle Oil difference.